About Us

About Kindergarten

It is well established certitude that home environment provides a firm foundation for learning in a child's life. Parents responsiveness to the child's needs at home characterized by nurturing, acceptance and encouragement hekps prepare the child to be ready for preschool. As a preschool, we at PRUDENCE KINDERGARTEN believe that we are well equipped to provide and environment that can be the next best thing to home. Hence our motto: LOVE, CARE, NURTURE. With Love, we help pre-schoolers find their bearings in a new environment characterized by loving warmth which enables them to grow with positive emotions and energy. Our Care provides a warm, safe and secure milieu which boosts their confidence and fosters learning. Finally our Nurture program propels the child's holistic development by providing a nurturing environment to develop their motor, social, emotional, intellectual and linguistic skills.

Though PRUDENCE KINDERGARTEN may not be home, it surely feels like one and the children love being here.